Bridgestone Motocross Tire Set For Sale

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Bridgestone Motocross Tire Set For Sale

Postby Mjay1 » Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:41 pm

M403 size 80/100-21 51m (Front)
M404 size 100/90-19 57m (Rear)

Some of the best motocross tires on the market. Slightly Used. (in Great Shape
"Designed primarily for intermediate terrain, the M403/M404 worked exceptionally well in its intended niche. When pushed into harder or softer dirt, it did yeoman's duty. In rock-hard dirt, the M403 was very hooked up at turn-in, while the rear M404 was a little looser. Although this might sound like a negative, in action, the grippier front and freer rear allowed the bike to pivot quicker on hard dirt. On the intermediate dirt, for which they were designed, both tires were very predictable. They tracked straight, never felt ill at ease, and the front 403 was a joy to race with. Across the board, the majority of MXA test riders felt that the M403/M404 offered the best tire combination for intermediate dirt. There might be better rear tires from other makers, but they do not come with front tires that are this compatible." -

Contact me at 770-656-8747 if interested. Asking $160 OBO ALL REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED
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