Can't afford to take your bike to the dealership?

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Can't afford to take your bike to the dealership?

Postby mike28_d » Thu May 16, 2013 2:00 am

If your like most, you race on a budget. Your bike is getting progressively worse because you think it might hold till the end of the season. Email me, with what's going on. I don't have set prices. We can work something out that works for you. I love fixing bikes, and can dedicate all if my time fixing your bike, so you can be racing next weekend. There are many websites with oem and aftermarket parts. Ill search them all to find the best parts for what you need. You know your bike better than anyone. If something doesn't feel or sound right, Ill fix it. The phrase satisfaction guaranteed gets thrown around a lot, but I mean it. I don't have a huge garage with a ton of overhead. I have just the right tools, plenty of experience, and a love for motocross. Top ends, bottom ends, clutches, suspension, bearings... What ever you need.
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